The new iQ App breaks the boundaries of traditional music players and frees your PianoDisc system to play endless music. Your music purchases are automatically downloaded and installed, your MIDI recordings can be played without conversion, and you can directly download and play MIDI files from the Internet!

But that’s just the beginning. Now more than ever, you are free to enjoy, create, and learn.

Download the new iQ App from the App Store

App Highlights:

  • PianoDisc’s complimentary music will download and install automatically
  • Your PianoDisc music purchases will download and install automatically
  • Record and play MIDI files
  • Listen to PianoDisc Internet Radio
  • View and play music in your iPod library
  • Open and play MP3, MIDI, and ZIP files from Safari
  • Create and edit your own playlists
  • Adjust the balance between piano and accompaniment
  • Fine-tune individual song volumes

App Requirements:

  • PianoDisc SilentDrive HD & iQ player system
  • PianoDisc ProRecord or ProScan (for record capability)
  • MIDI interface (for optional MIDI playback)
  • Apple iPhone or iPad (iOS version 10 or later)