PianoDisc has expanded its MusiConnect technology with its newest version MusiConnect 2.2 which allows the PianoDisc system to play more music than ever before.

The new MusiConnect 2.2 is a General MIDI support which features AlwaysPlay, a patented technology that allows the customer to sample, play, and enjoys MIDI files from a huge variety of sources.

While iTunes has no native support for MIDI files, MusiConnect can import any General MIDI file and convert it into a format that iTunes understands. Once MusiConnect imports music into iTunes, the customer can burn a CD, sync their music with an iPad, or even play their music directly from the computer (depending on the configuration). PianoDisc’s own extensive music library has already been converted and is ready to play without any conversion.

MusiConnect supports both “Type 0” and “Type 1” MIDI files.

Many MIDI files that are available on the Internet do not include a piano part. This is where PianoDisc’s AlwaysPlay works its magic. It examines those piano-less files and chooses a part for the piano to play. So no matter what song is chosen, even if it didn’t have a piano performance to start with, AlwaysPlay ensures that the piano will have a part to play! Therefore, PianoDisc offers the largest library available due to AlwaysPlay.

Download the “MusiConnect and AlwaysPlay How To Guide” Here

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