PD Calibrate AppPianoDisc Calibrate app allows easier access to your PianoDisc system’s settings that control playback and key sensing. The app is a companion for PianoDisc reproducing player systems equipped with SilentDrive HD and/or ProRecord systems. Professional PianoDisc installers can now easily and properly calibrate and program the PianoDisc system to the geometrical parameters and design of any piano action, old, new, grand or upright. Some of the important settings necessary for optimum playback performance of your PianoDisc system include, Key and Pedal Hold Force, Individual Key Calibration, Note and Pedal Release Control, Firmware Updates (for CPUs manufactured since 2015) and other important settings to give you and your piano the ultimate concert performance!

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Thousands of apps are compatible with your iQ Intelligent player system presenting you with a multimedia powerhouse of applications. Learn to play, record and archive, or edit your performance. Create by recording, orchestrating, and composing your own music. Or for sheer entertainment, use apps created for enjoying the music and videos of your favorite PianoDisc performances.

PLEASE NOTE: This app is designed to be used by professional installers who have completed the PianoDisc installation training program. The app allows access to system settings that control playback and key sensing. Improper adjustment is not covered under warranty, and may adversely affect playback.

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