United States-based PianoDisc® has captured the attention of piano manufacturers, retailers, and artists worldwide with the release of its new state-of-the-art ProRecord Optical System. Designed by musicians to meet the needs of discerning musicians, PianoDisc’s ProRecord brings the most musically and technologically advanced player piano system to the market. With numerous innovations that effectively create a custom-designed and installed player system regardless of the piano’s brand or model, and with the exciting addition of ProRecord’s realistic digital synthesizer recording/playback functionality, the undeniable result is that with ProRecord virtually all brands of acoustic pianos can compete in and join the burgeoning music arts and education markets that increasingly demand high-quality record/playback player systems and require pianos that communicate with other piano systems connected over the Internet. Pioneering groundbreaking innovations is certainly not new to PianoDisc. PianoDisc’s patented iQ technology was the first to introduce wireless piano control that simply operates from the native controls on any smart phone or tablet, such as an iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, or other similar device. Having the largest music library available for player piano systems, PianoDisc then seamlessly integrated the world’s most popular media library application, iTunes®, to host, store, and play its extensive library. Deemed “a dazzling innovation” by The Music Trades, PianoTube LIVE! was debuted at 2013 Winter NAMM, and plays a PianoDisc equipped acoustic piano in perfect synchronization with a video played simply through YouTube. The innovations and enhancements in the new system span nearly all aspects of the piano’s performance – from the adjustable key trill positions to the advanced damper and soft pedal management. “I am thrilled with our ProRecord Optical System. Our team of musicians, engineers, and technicians have worked together to design a system that not only incorporates the innovations necessary to produce the highest-quality performance recordings and playback reproduction across varying piano action landscapes, but also adds a digital synthesizer component with unheard-of -realism for a player system. We have been able to include the best features of both the acoustic and digital piano worlds,” explains Tom Lagomarsino, Executive Vice President for PianoDisc. For the pianist, the new non-contact optically-driven system has nothing under the keys to change the feel of the piano. Whether recording the music or not, the performer will feel absolutely no difference in the performance or action of the instrument. A user-friendly app will make operation and adjustment of the system simple and intuitive. Key to the system’s optimal adaptability across piano brands and models are the adjustable trill position and key depth management functions. The system’s adjustable feature that captures trills from the top or bottom of the key expands ProRecord’s unique capabilities to include the upright piano market in addition to the traditional grand piano market. With these features and much more, ProRecord can capture, record, and reproduce the performances of even the most virtuosic of pianists on pianos with a wide range of actions like never before. With the push of a button, ProRecord also instantly turns an acoustic piano with a mute rail into a weighted-action digital recording synthesizer with multiple piano samples plus the high-quality sounds of over 100 other instruments and drum sets. The music can be heard with headphones or even an external speaker system. The same setup allows ProRecord to also function as a silent piano. The addition of sympathetic string and damper resonance as well as a key release action sound creates an ultra-realistic piano experience. Other highlighted features include an integrated metronome; integrated play/record with tempo change; 108 note polyphony; reverb, chorus, and delay effects; and transpose and inter-note shifts. In concert with PianoDisc’s highly touted and patented SilentDrive HD, which captures 1024 levels of expression for each note without adding delays or reducing velocity accuracy, ProRecord truly brings a high-definition performance package to the marketplace. ProRecord