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PianoVideo, Jarrod Radnich – Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin”

Catalog# ZZ41016


This is a Piano Video performance of a single song

“Don’t Stop Believin’” is a power ballad by American rock band, Journey, released on the album Escape in 1981. It has been described as a “perfect rock song” and an “anthem”, featuring one of the best opening keyboard riffs in rock. It is one of the top-selling catalog tracks in digital history. Here, Jarrod Radnich’s piano solo arrangement and performance captures not simply that famous keyboard riff, but also the percussion, vocals, and guitar from the original song — all within a two-handed arrangement unlike any other! NOTICE: This is a large file and will take some time to download. Also available in SD card. For a complete list of all delivery options, please see item ZZ9314.

Sheet music available separately in the Musicnotes.com online store.


Watch a YouTube video of this performance below: (Please refresh your screen if the video does not immediately load.)