Do any of the following scenarios apply to you?

You love your piano.
You love that your children want to learn how to play it. But sometimes their practice disturbs your much needed peace and quiet.
You live in a condo, apartment or townhouse.
You live in a house, but you like to play your piano whenever the spirit moves you—even late at night—and as loud as the music should be.
You compose music and want an easy way to record and save it as you play, knowing that it’s safely stored for future use.
You like to record yourself and others playing the piano.
You like the fun features of a keyboard, including multi-instrument sounds, Reverb, chorus and other effects, but you don’t want to give up the sound and touch of your acoustic piano.

If you answered “yes” to any of these, you need a Silent Piano.
You need PianoDisc’s QuietTime Magic Star to be exact! With this amazing system, your acoustic piano will take on a whole new set of features and benefits, including the ability to play silently with the flip of a lever!

Magic Star

QuietTime Magic Star:

Is available for grands or uprights; has a small, unobtrusive control box with a graphics display that makes for easy operation; has 11 Pre-set Tones (2 x piano, 2 x strings, 4 x piano and strings, harpsichord, E-piano and church organ); has 128 General MIDI Tones; 3 User-set Tones using your favorite settings; User-selected Start-up Tone; has a piano mute rail for grand or upright piano; has reverb, chorus, dynamic curves, pitch and transposition effects; has 128-note polyphony; has Recording and Playback functions for up to 30,000 MIDI events (notes); its recordings are stored in permanent memory; comes with 20 Demo songs; has Audio In and Audio Out ports; has MIDI-In, MIDI-Out, MIDI-Thru ports; has 88-note optical key sensor system; comes with stereo headphones and a headphones holder; has a built-in metronome with selectable tempos, bar, rhythm and selectable volume levels…and more!

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