PianoDisc QuietTime is an ingenious system that silences your piano, giving you the freedom and flexibility to use your piano at any time of the day.

Acoustic when you want it, silent when you need it.

Engage QuietTime’s piano silencer with the flip of a switch, stopping the piano hammers right before they hit the strings.

While your piano is silenced, the Optical Record Strip underneath the keys captures the MIDI data you create and sends it straight to your headphones.*

*see FAQs for more details

Invisible and unobtrusive.

Since QuietTime’s cutting-edge optical sensor technology is hidden beneath the keys and completely contact-free, it doesn’t affect your piano’s touch or aftertouch, giving you the freedom to play silently with absolutely no compromises.

Unleash your piano’s potential.

With the QuietTime ProRecord package, not only can you play silently through your headphones and use the built-in metronome, but you can turn your piano into a recording studio—playback and record MIDI, use effects such as reverb, chorus, dynamic curves, pitch, and transposition, and have access to 88 different synthesized sounds.


ProRecord X QuietTime Package

  • Optical Sensor Strip
  • Piano Silencer (mute rail)
  • Stereo headphones
  • Sound Module with 88 different sounds
  • 256-note polyphony
  • 10 available song banks
  • Built-in metronome
  • Bluetooth wireless control
  • Free ProRecord App available on the Apple App Store


What is QuietTime?

QuietTime is a system that includes a piano silencer that prevents the hammers from striking the piano strings when activated, muting the usual acoustic sound of the piano, and an advanced optical sensor strip located underneath the keys. This enables the user to listen to a digital piano or other instrument sounds through a set of stereo headphones.

What is included in the ProRecord X QuietTime Package?

The ProRecord X QuietTime Package includes an advanced optical sensor strip that is installed under the keys of the piano, a pair of headphones, and a small control box that contains 88 different digital sounds and functions such as metronome, reverb, chorus, dynamic curves, pitch, and transposition.

How do I use headphones with ProRecord X QuietTime?

Connect your headphones to the 3.5mm audio jack located on the front of the ProRecord X control box.

Using wireless headphones with ProRecord X QuietTime requires an iOS device and a Bluetooth MIDI connection. Connect your headphones to your iOS device and then download and open a Bluetooth MIDI-capable app such as GarageBand or iGrand. In your app’s settings look for available Bluetooth MIDI connections and select “ProRecord”. Once connected, your app should output any sound that you make on your piano to your headphones. Please note that wired headphones is recommended, as wireless headphones will add additional latency.

Can QuietTime be installed in any piano?

QuietTime is designed to be able to be installed in most 88-note pianos.

Can I install QuietTime myself?

No, the installation must be done by a certified Piano Technician.

Can QuietTime be installed in my home?

Yes, QuietTime can be installed in your home, or on location by a certified Piano Technician.

Most installations are done at the PianoDisc dealer’s location or at a certified PianoDisc technician’s shop. This should be discussed with the dealer/installer.

Does the installation of QuietTime compromise the construction or functionality of my piano?

No, the installation does not cause any structural harm to the piano or affect the piano’s touch or aftertouch, and all of the instrument’s normal functions (i.e. pedals, keys, etc.) are retained.

Can I record music on QuietTime?

Yes, QuietTime can record music with the ProRecord X QuietTime package. With it, there are 10 song banks available for recording.

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