PianoDisc is excited to announced the release of PianoDisc branded grand pianos. 

The PianoDisc PD152 cm grand pianos have arrived and are ready for shipment FOB Sacramento, Ca. These 5’0 ft. baby grands include factory-installed Prodigy Player Systems and PDS350 Speaker System and include Luxury-Low Profile SilentDrive HD technology and design and features Bluetooth technology. Also, Free App for iOS & Android, Free Music Bundle, Streaming Radio, Full 88-Note Playback & More.

Specifications Include:

Finish: Ebony Polish
Length: 152cm – 5’0
Width: 57″
Rim: Select Hardwood
Plate: Sand Cast Iron
Hardware: Solid Brass
Pinblock: Maple Ply
Soundboard: Select Spruce

Bridge: European Beech
Ribs: Solid Spruce
Posts: Solid Spruce
Tuning Pins: Nickel
Steel Strings: Roslau – Germany
Bass Strings: Copper
Hammers: German Felt
Action: Hornbeam
Keyboard: Solid Spruce
Fallboard: Slowfall |
Warranty: 5 Year Limited.

F.O.B. Warehouse Sacramento, Ca.. Subject to additional container surcharge TBA, Terms: Prepay, NorthPoint Flooring ‘ All orders are subject to prevailing price at time of shipment. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. All orders subject to approval.

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