Prodigy gave this piano a personality, and now it’s YouTube famous.

When a former NASA engineer with over 20 million YouTube subscribers says he wants to play a “special” song on a PianoDisc system, you know this isn’t going to be a normal support request.

That’s exactly what our PianoDisc team discovered when Mark Rober’s engineers contacted us for advice on how to play all the keys of a piano simultaneously with precise control over dynamics.

In fact, PianoDisc Prodigy offered the only player piano technology capable of meeting Rober’s needs.   Prodigy’s technology precisely replicates the performance of a real pianist, achieving incredible duplication of the original timing and dynamics of a performance.  But a traditional pianist has 10 fingers, not 88, so this request required thinking outside of the box.

After silently questioning WHY anyone would want to play all 88 keys simultaneously, we recommend beefing up the power, and adding a bit of software magic to tie everything together.

The result is jaw-dropping: